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You’re doing the work. Get paid for it.

If you or your team are waiting more than 24 hours to enter your time, then it is likely that you are missing out on revenue due to inaccurate time tracking.

At Bellefield, we designed iTimeKeep because we knew that there had to be a better way to track billable hours. iTimeKeep offers mobile time entry that works the way you work.

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Today's modern attorneys are always on the go. With so much time spent running to meetings, making court appearances, attending conferences, making calls, and traveling for work, staying on top of your time while on the go has become increasingly important. Discover how iTimeKeep can improve your time entry and improve your firm's bottom line.

Simple. Elegant. Everywhere.

iTimeKeep is more than just software. Learn why our customers rave about it.

Keep Your Time Everywhere

iTimeKeep works where you do – on your smart phone, tablet or desktop. Whether you are in the office or at a soccer game, you can keep your time.

Work the Way You Work

We make it as easy as possible for you to track your time, with voice to text, time counter or manual time entry.

Increase Billable Hours

Your time is valuable, that’s why it is so important to account for it. Contemporaneous time entry is more accurate, which means that you account for more of your billable hours.

Choose Your Own Device.

iTimeKeep is available for a range of devices and operating systems.

Increase Compliance

We take the pain out of time entry, making it convenient for employees to track their time. With iTimeKeep, time tracking becomes a natural part of the day, which means timely and consistent time entry.

Integrate With Your Existing Systems

We’re proud of the fact that iTimeKeep plays well with others. We integrate (without hassle) with all of the major time and billing systems, making it easy for you to start tracking your time with iTimeKeep. > Learn more

Maintain Safety & Security

iTimeKeep adheres to strict security standards in order to keep your data safe and secure. > Learn more

Avoid Unnecessary Complexity

Even if you are not a fan of technology, you’ll know how to use it within a few minutes of instruction. iTimeKeep feels instantly familiar, allowing you to find what you want at a moment’s notice so you complete a record in seconds, not minutes. > Learn more

Who loves timesheets? No one.

Time entry is the task most dreaded by professionals.
Dread translates to procrastination, which means less accurate time tracking.
Learn how iTimeKeep is making life easier for professionals like you.

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Top Firms Choose iTimeKeep for Mobile Time Entry

Learn how Ward Smith has taken a unique approach to mobile time entry, resulting in 95% of time being recorded within one day.
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